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This document represents my professional portfolio. It includes a selective part of both personal and assigned works which I had the honor to be part of and the opportunity to grow through them.

All projects differ in substance, assigners, complexity and requirements. They have been developed in times of changing web technologies (2008 — till now). Some of them, though outdated, are still functional, while others have been modified or replaced by newer versions.

React web apps

  • Bulls`O`Cows

    A personal version of the well-known game "Bulls and Cows".07/2018
  • 3D Fractal Art

    A gallery of 3D fractals, created by Peter Petrov06/2018
  • Switchboard A17

    A personal app for helping me use the home electrical distribution board04/2018

Latest freelance project

Peter Petrov's blog


Pug; Sass; Compass; RequireJS; jQuery; WordPress; GruntJS; WebStorm; Adobe Photoshop; 

Previous freelance projects



Pug; Sass; Compass; RequireJS; Handlebars.js; jQuery; WordPress; GruntJS; WebStorm; Adobe InDesign; 

A passion for retouch


Pug; Sass; Compass; jQuery; jQuery UI; GruntJS; WebStorm; Ghostlab; Adobe Photoshop; 

Grønbech & Sønner A/S


HTML5; CSS3; Bootstrap; Less; JavaScript; jQuery; jQuery UI; GruntJS; WebStorm; Ghostlab; Adobe Photoshop; 

Kjærgaarden Auto


HTML5; CSS3; Bootstrap; Less; JavaScript; jQuery; GruntJS; WebStorm; Ghostlab; Adobe Photoshop; 



HTML5; CSS3; Bootstrap; Less; JavaScript; jQuery; GruntJS; WebStorm; Ghostlab; Adobe Photoshop; 



HTML5; CSS3; Less; JavaScript; jQuery; GruntJS; Sublime Text; Ghostlab; Adobe Illustrator; 

Netage Solutions


HTML5; CSS3; Less; JavaScript; jQuery; RequireJS; GruntJS; Sublime Text; Ghostlab; Adobe Illustrator; 

Deprecated jQuery plugins

  • BaseHeight

    Equal heights for set of responsive columns08/2015
  • JumboSlider

    Yet another responsive slider for any kind of content04/2015
  • StickMe

    Fixed elements depending on the scroll position03/2015
  • LightLayer

    A simple responsive lightbox & dialog script07/2014
  • PhotoRoller

    A mouseover cycle-through photo gallery (iPhoto-like)2011
  • MemoryRoll

    Smart sequence loop starting from a random number2010

Obsolete assignments

2012 — 2013

Edamam, LLC
Technologies & environment:
HTML5; CSS3; JavaScript; jQuery; JSP; Panic Coda 2; Adobe Photoshop; 

2010 — 2011

BSH Ltd.
Technologies & environment:
XHTML; CSS; jQuery; WordPress; Adobe Dreamweaver / Illustrator; 

2008 — 2009

Mag Studio Ltd.
Technologies & environment:
XHTML; CSS; jQuery; Adobe Dreamweaver / Photoshop / Fireworks; 

First design attempts


May, 2009

RIPIE6 is the obituary notice of Internet Explorer 6’s death. It’s a message for all users who still use that "browser".

Natural Designs

November, 2008

My personal webpage during 2008-2009. Came as a sudden idea, it was designed and developed within 4 hours during a night time.

Beauty and the ART

September, 2007

User's Choise Prize at Prestigio 3rd International Wallpapers Contest "The Charm of Hi-Tech".